Controls.js Tools

Controls.js Tools is an installation package for Windows users. It installs Controls.js Tools in a form of native applications.


WORKS OFFLINE // Internet connection is only required on first run.
ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE // Updated versions, if available, are downloaded automatically.
FILE SYSTEM AND CLIPBOARD // Open and save files, drag&drop files, recent files, disk changes of opened file detecting, access to clipboard.

SETTINGS // Remembers window position, editor options, per project settings …
COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS // Opens file specified as command line parameter.
OS INTEGRATION // Integrated into the Explorer menu “Open with” for files with .js extension.

Content of installation pack


Controls.js Tools v1.0
for Windows


FormEditor.exe [options] [<file>]
SkinEditor.exe [options] [<file>]


List available command line parameters.

Specify where is project main folder.

Specify where project settings are stored.

Clear settings on startup.

Clear only project settings on startup.

Run offline version.

Ignore offline version.

Force update check.

Run program in predefined profile (if exists).

Set window position.

Specify where application data are stored.

Don't show any dialogs.

Uninstall program settings and files.