Event Index
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 OnAdd, ngList
 OnAssign, ngViewModel
 OnAsyncURLRequest, ngPageList
 OnCalcIndent, ngList
 OnCall, ngApplication
 OnCallServerURL, ngApplication
 OnCallURL, ngApplication
 OnCaptionClick, ngList
 OnCaptionDblClick, ngList
 OnCheckPlacement, ngHint
 OnClickItem, ngList
 OnClose, ngWindow
 OnCommand, ngViewModel
 OnCommandCancel, ngViewModel
 OnCommandData, ngViewModel
 OnCommandFinished, ngViewModel
 OnCommandRequest, ngViewModel
 OnCommandResults, ngViewModel
 OnCompareItem, ngList
 OnCreated, ngControl
 OnCreateHTMLElement, ngControl
 OnDayClick, ngCalendar
 OnDblClickItem, ngList
 OnDecodeParam, ngApplication
 OnDeserialize, ngFieldDef
 OnDeviceChanged, ngApplication
 OnDoCommand, ngViewModel
 OnDown, ngEditNum
 OnDrawItem, ngList
 OnDrawItemText, ngList
 OnDrawSeparator, ngMenu
 OnEditString, ngFieldDef
 OnElipsis, stdEditBoxBtn
 OnEllipsis, weEditBoxBtn
 OnEncodeSetting, ngSettings
 OnEnterRow, ngList
 OnErrors, ngViewModel
 OnFormatError, ngFieldDef
 OnFormatString, ngFieldDef
 OnGetCheckImg, ngList
 OnGetColumnCaption, ngList
 OnGetColumnWidth, ngList
 OnGetCommandValueNames, ngViewModel
 OnGetDayAlt, ngCalendar
 OnGetDayImg, ngCalendar
 OnGetDayText, ngCalendar
 OnGetItemImg, ngList
 OnGetNum, ngEditNum
 OnGetParam, ngApplication
 OnGetRowClassName, ngList
 OnGetScreenRect, ngMenu
 OnGetSetting, ngSettings
 OnGetShapeAlt, ngImageMap
 OnGetTreeImg, ngList
 OnGetURL, ngWebBrowser
 OnGetValue, ngViewModel
 OnGetValues, ngViewModel
 OnGetWeekDayAlt, ngCalendar
 OnGetWeekDayImg, ngCalendar
 OnGetWeekDayText, ngCalendar
 OnHandleClick, ngSplitPanel
 OnHideDropDown, ngEdit
 OnHideLoading, ngPageList
 OnHideSubMenu, ngMenu
 OnHTTPReadyStateChanged, ngRPC
 OnHTTPRequest, ngRPC
 OnHTTPRequestFailed, ngRPC
 OnIFrameRequest, ngRPC
 OnInvalidateData, ngPageList
 OnIsDayEnabled, ngCalendar
 OnItemCheckChanged, ngList
 OnLeaveRow, ngList
 OnLoadData, ngPageList
 OnMapParamsChanged, ngApplication
 OnMeasureItem, ngList
 OnMouseMove, ngWindow
 OnMouseMoving, ngWindow
 OnMouseResize, ngWindow
 OnMouseResizing, ngWindow
 OnMouseShapeEnter, ngImageMap
 OnMouseShapeLeave, ngImageMap
 OnPagingUpdated, ngPageList
 OnPagingUpdating, ngPageList
 OnParamsChanged, ngApplication
 OnParseString, ngFieldDef
 OnPopup, ngHint
 OnPopUp, ngMenu
 OnReceivedData, ngRPC
 OnReceivedJSON, ngRPC
 OnRedrawSelected, ngList
 OnRemove, ngList
 OnRequest, ngRPC
 OnRequestSent, ngRPC
 OnResize, ngSplitPanel
 OnResults, ngViewModel
 OnRun, ngApplication
 OnRunFinished, ngApplication
 OnScroll, ngList
 OnSendRequest, ngRPC
 OnSerialize, ngFieldDef
 OnServerCall, ngApplication
 OnSetAsyncData, ngPageList
 OnSetHTML, ngWebBrowser
 OnSetItemEnabled, ngList
 OnSetItemVisible, ngList
 OnSetLength, ngPageList
 OnSetNum, ngEditNum
 OnSetParam, ngApplication
 OnSetSetting, ngSettings
 OnSettingsLoaded, ngSettings
 OnSettingsSaved, ngSettings
 OnSettingsSaving, ngSettings
 OnSetURL, ngWebBrowser
 OnSetValue, ngViewModel
 OnSetValues, ngViewModel
 OnSetViewModel, ngViewModel
 OnShapeClick, ngImageMap
 OnShowErrors, ngViewModel
 OnShowLoading, ngPageList
 OnSizeChanged, ngSplitPanel
 OnSizeChanging, ngSplitPanel
 OnSubMenuCreated, ngMenu
 OnSuggestionCompareItem, ngEdit
 OnSuggestionData, ngEdit
 OnSuggestionResults, ngEdit
 OnSuggestionSearch, ngEdit
 OnSuggestionSetText, ngEdit
 OnSuggestionURL, ngEdit
 OnTypedValue, ngFieldDef
 OnUp, ngEditNum
 OnUpdated, ngControl
 OnViewModelChanged, ngViewModel
Occurs when modal window curtain is going to be displayed.
Occurs when modal window curtain is going to be removed.