Why Controls.js?

No more need of HTML nor CSS!
Build your application GUI with a drag & drop Form Editor!

HTML, CSS and other web technologies were not primarily designed for application development.

Controls.js extends web technologies to provide all that is needed for enterprise-ready application development. Build applications that will run on all the platforms.

Desktop and mobile.

In addition to the framework itself, you will also receive outstanding tools for application development for free.

See all Features and Benefits and available Tools.

Try It Now

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var AppForm = null;

function ngMain()
  AppForm = new ngControls({

      Type: 'weEdit',
      L: 20, T: 20, W: 200,
      Data: {
        Text: 'Hello, world!'

Tip: Here, you can edit and run modified example. Check out docs to explore what else Controls.js can do.