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The Controls.js is available in two licensing options: commercial and open source license. You may use Controls.js free of charge under the open source license (GPLv3 license) but you must comply with the terms of the license agreement, which requires you to distribute your application also under open source license and that you release source code of application to the general public.

Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial license where releasing of the application's source code is not required.

Most certainly you can do this! Controls.js are focused on touch and multi-device development. Same application can run on desktop computers, notebooks, tablets or mobile phones no matter if user uses mouse, pen or hands.

You can also compile and deploy your application in app stores via Apache Cordova/PhoneGap technology which gives you access to device hardware, such as camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc. Controls.js is tested and optimized especially for this technology.

Controls.js is mostly client-side only. We use PHP for server-side but Controls.js can be used with any other server-side technology.

Not exactly. The Controls.js is standalone full-featured product. However, some functions of Controls.js take advantage of following JavaScript libraries:

Knockout.js - provides underlying logic for Model-View-View Model (MVVM)

Hammer.js - provides touch and gestures support

json2.js - provides JSON support for older browsers

Specified libraries are part of Controls.js distribution. You don't need to download or link these libraries prior to purchase.

Our core business is building map technologies and services (see About). Feel free to contact us if you are looking for maps, geographic search, reverse gecoding, route planing or delivery optimisation.

You are more than welcome! We appreciate any contribution. You can share your components with others, submit code enhancements, identify problems, and propose solutions or patches.

Contact for contributors: (please keep in mind that this is not contact for support)

No, this is only a coincidence.
The "ng" prefix is related to our product NaviGate which has been on the market since 2002. We started building web technologies in 2005 and since the beginning we have been using the "ng" prefix. The initial release of AngularJS was in 2009.


Open Source Support

Use the public forum to ask questions.

Commercial Support

This support is available to all of our customers who purchased Commercial Software License with support. Our specialists are ready to identify and solve any problems in regards to Controls.js technology.

Buy Controls.js with support

When contacting support, please state your License Code (and License Contact, in case you are contacting support from a different e-mail address).

Commercial support contact: