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When we started building desktop-like web applications back in 2005 we used standard HTML and CSS for GUI design. With the increasing complexity of our applications we faced several problems – HTML code was hard to share, developers spent quite a lot of time solving browser incompatibilities (which were more significant than today), same functions worked differently depending on who was implementing them and also more single-page application specific functions were needed to be supported.

In 2008 we investigated the possibility of using some existing framework or library but we didn’t find anything what would meet our requirements. Therefore we start development of Controls.js as a support technology for our applications.

At the beginning, we could not imagine how far we get. We thought that we will do something simple and easy to use. And this is what we actually did but it turned out in something that it is also very powerful. We started to build our applications using entirely Controls.js technology. We gradually added more components, compounded components, and added Model-View-View Model design pattern, multi-device development, and touch support. Thanks to Controls.js we were able to deliver many complex applications to our customers, which include mobile operators, utility suppliers and many others.

In 2014, after 6 years of development, we made a decision to share Controls.js with others and offer it as a standalone product.

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About Position s.r.o.

Position s.r.o. (Ltd.) was founded in 2000.

The company is focused on the development of NaviGate, an in-house platform for the development and operation of electronic maps, as well as applications that utilize this platform, f.e. NaviGate Web Server. Position s.r.o. are also heavily engaged in the development of Controls.js technology for building web and mobile applications.

Each and every step we make is intended to satisfy our customers. We are very pleased that our customers include mobile and telecommunication operators, energy suppliers, or utility companies. Our products are also used in critical applications area, such as emergency rescue service or monitoring centers. Many customers use our map applications on the basis of outsourcing. See our list of references for more details of our customers.