Controls UI Skin Samples

Controls UI for Mobile Application
WinEight Skin

This skin is optimized for touch input but works just as well with mouse or pen. We recommend this skin for all new modern applications.

Controls UI for Desktop Application
WinXP Skin

This skin is useful when you are extending existing (desktop) applications.

Controls UI for Mockup Application
Wireframe Skin

This skin was created for demonstration purposes but can be handy when application mockup is required.

Game Sample

Controls.js NIM Game
Simple game written in Controls.js technology. This demonstrates ability to create one application which runs on multiple platforms and display sizes. The source code is identical for all platforms.

Rules: The player who takes the last object loses.

Run in a browser:
On-line |  Chrome Application

Download as an application:
Android |  iOS |  Windows Phone 8
Windows 8.1

Controls 4 Java Sample

Controls.js Fair Minesweeper
The whole logic of this game is written in Java thanks to DukeScript technology. Controls.js handles user interface which is linked to underlying Java ViewModel.

The same code can be compiled for web browser (without need of Java applets) and for Android or iOS as a native application.

Run in a browser:

Source Code: GitHub

Download as an application:
Android |  iOS

Real Applications

We have already created tens of applications. Take a look on some of the publicly accessible applications:

T-Mobile Coverage Maps

GPS Locator (not in English)

Position Dashboard


The following screenshots were taken from real applications created entirely with Controls.js technology.

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