To encourage further development of Controls.js, we provide the following tools free of charge:

Controls.js Form Editor

Imagine the possibility to design user interface (GUI) of your applications visually. With Controls.js Form Editor you can do that with no restrictions. You can design forms visually, set properties, setup events, bindings, use your own controls, etc.

NetBeans IDE Integration

Adds support for Controls.js applications development into popular IDE NetBeans.
The main features of this plugin are to provide wizard for new project and integration of Controls.js Form Editor.

Controls.js Skin Editor

Controls.js skins are based on combined images. It's a piece of cake to setup images for Controls.js skins - just open skin source code and enter application's URL where skin images are located.

Controls.js Tools
for Windows

Windows users can install the tools in the form of native applications. That contributes even more to the level of the development process integration. The possibility to work offline is only one of its many beneficial features.