How to use development versions

The main purpose of public development versions is to provide easy access to the new features, capabilities and fixes. Your feedback to development versions is highly appreciated and will help us to improve the future final releases. Please don't use development version of Controls.js in production. Keep in mind that things might continue to change till final releases.

Sneak preview
Test on-line development version of Controls.js Form Editor (dev).

Quick access to all
Install the development version of NetBeans Plugins and you will get access to the development version of Control.js Build, Controls.js Form Editor, Project Types / Archetypes and Artifacts.

NetBeans Plugins (dev)

Add Controls.js DEV Update Center to NetBeans and then install development versions of Controls.js NetBeans plugins.

Controls.js DEV Update Center URL:

Follow the next steps to add Controls.js DEV Update Center to NetBeans:

1. Start NetBeans IDE.

2. Select from main menu Tools/Plugins.

In the Plugins dialog:

3. Switch to Settings tab.

4. Click Add to add new update center.

5. Enter update center Name and URL.

6. Click OK. From now the development versions of Controls.js plugins will be available in NetBeans.

7. Install Controls.js plugin(s). The installation is described in How to create a new project in NetBeans IDE and How to create a new Controls 4 Java project.

To revert back to production versions of NetBeans plugins turn off (or remove) Controls.js DEV Update Center and then reinstall Controls.js plugins.

Controls.js Build (dev)

The Controls.js development snapshot is available through development project templates / archetypes (see below).

The sources of Controls.js are available on GitHub. You can build the most actual version of Controls.js from these sources.

Project Templates / Archetypes (dev)

Set the Controls.js Release to "dev" when creating a new project. The project will be created from development project template / archetype which also utilize the development version of Controls.js.

Maven Repository (dev)

Development project archetypes utilize development artifacts from Controls.js DEV repository. If you want to utilize these artifacts manually you can use following URL to access DEV repository:

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